About Me

I live in Grand Rapids with my husband and our two children. I started with Alphabet Photography when I was home on maternity leave and saw it on television.
I thought, I can do that. I am going to do that. A year had gone by and I had not seen a letter until last summer. In my kitchen I saw my first letter and from then on letters have been coming at me from every direction, as if I had put on glasses for the first time. I started taking pictures and found myself pulling off the road to take pictures and would make notes of places to go back to. When the kids would fall asleep in the car I would take a different way home or just go for a drive. Before I knew it, I had pictures of the whole alphabet and have been expanding all the time. Christmas time was approaching and I thought these signs would make the perfect gifts for my friends and family. During a party for my husband some friends commented on the sign hanging at our bar ~DRINK UP~.  When they found out I had made it and taken the pictures myself, immediately they started telling me: “Your photographs are great!”  Less than a year later, my hobby has turned into Click & Create Alphabet Photography.  All the letters are taken in Grand Rapids, MI mostly of architectural structures of buildings, houses, downtown structures and even things found off the beaten path. There are over 300 letters to pick from and when you string them together it spells a word or phrase. Each photo is framed and mounted on a wooden slat. I hand cut the wood and paint it and mount the frames, because of this there is no limit to what your sign can say.  I have done 8foot long signs for "The Goddard School" and 6foot long sign for "The Queens Pub" in East Town. I have taken the pictures so now let's have some fun.  

      I always say: “Once you have guessed the letter, then the word, can you guess where in Grand Rapids the letter was taken?”